Direct source of handmade lokta papers from Nepal and we manufacture and exports high grade handmade Lokta paper sheets, notebooks, bags, embroidered or printed gift wrapping papers, journals, art books, photo albums, gift Boxes, photo frames etc. The world’s premium handmade paper products by the Nepalese mountain peoples are considered the high grade paper. We offer artful and unique Lokta paper Lamp shades, Picture albums, Notebooks or Journals, Lokta bags & boxes, Greeting Cards sets, Handmade paper sheets and Photo frames in this category. Since the product is handmade, there can be slight variations in the given size and color. The product is acid free, eco friendly. We are focusing in promotion of leather products to upgrade the lifestyle of Nepalese people. We also utilize and promote the raw materials from hilly and mountainous regions. Our workers come from different society and economic field. We offer them benefits such as health-care and education to their children. The women of Nepal make the knitwear based on both traditional Nepalese and classic western motives and are available in a beautiful range of fashionable color, size and designs.

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