Hand-turned, and hand- sculpted from rosewood, bone, and horn. Each one is individually handcrafted artisan in Nepal. Each knitting needle has unique characteristic. The needles are made of rosewood. The top figurines are hand carved of bone, horn and rosewood, with an inlay of horn and bone for the eyes. They also come with sterling silver ornaments with semi-precious stones. The top figurines signify various elements of universe. Currently we have knitting needles in frog, elephant, owl, Squirrel, swan, fish and cats. Our Knitting needles come in size 8.00mm to 15mm. Knitting needles come with a beautiful needle casing, made completely from hand-loomed cotton Dhaka fabric, which Nepal is famous for. The hook case has multipurpose; it protects knitting needles and makes a lovely present. In additional to our line of designs we also do custom design knitting needles and offer packaging services. Order will be shipped within a 6days after confirmed order.

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