We manufacture and export Nepalese Rib Clothing or the readymade garments, casual wear, funky clothes, cotton apparel, and respective other garments clothing. We have also our own style with varieties of embroidery, tie- dye and hand sewn designs. We have funky pants & trousers, shirts, t-shirts, ladies wear etc. Own your own design we manufacture too. Here we have only few samples of Nepali garment products. Those customers who have done first business with us we do deliver different designs. Be happy with us. Since this category contains fashionable rib knit cotton garments suitable for all season. Here we offer varieties of rib cotton T-shirt, rib long sleeves hooded tops, rib skirts, headbands and scarves etc. We are offering varieties of cotton shirts and tops made of 100% cotton fabric. Whether it is thick and strong cotton or very thin summer cotton we have items of all tastes. You can find the range of embroidered white and colorful cotton kurthas (the summer shirts), printed cotton shirts, patch-work cotton shirts and tops, embroidered cotton t-shirts, high grade fashionable cotton shirts, cotton dresses, stripes design colorful kurthas for men, men shirts, cotton tank tops, hand embroidered cotton shirts, stone wash shirts, dresses and gowns. Most of these products are available in color assortment and different sizes according the customer requirements

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