We have exceptionally talented spinners in Nepal, no matter where the fibers come from. As we use to spun sheep wool, Yak wool, New Zeal& raw wool, loose end of saris fibers & others many natural fibers such as hemp, nettle, which is from our own source. We sale varieties yarn as well as its products. Our yarn products are eco- friendly. In yarn we produce Recycled silk yarn, banana fiber yarn, viscose yarn, wool yarn, sari silk fiber, hand painted & hand spun yarn, knitting yarn, natural hemp & nettle yarn & natural fibers. These are very useful for you project.. We have listed the median yardage for each type of yarn listed. Since all the yarns are handspun, the yardage varies from skein per skein. The thickness and amount of twist in particular skein can make a big difference in the total yardage. If your yarn is over- twisted, letting out some of the twist will make it easier to work with and maximize your yardage. The easiest way to do this is by putting a rubber band around your ball and dangling your knitting allowing it to turn and untwist the working yarn. These are handspun in Nepal by skilful spinners.

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