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Himalayan One Crafts crafted the knitting needles and crochet hooks of Nepal. Hand-turned, and hand- sculpted from rosewood, bone, and horn. The crochet hooks are made from combining three different materials. The top figurines of the crochet hooks are hand- carved out of horn, bone, or rosewood and attached on the top. The middle sections of the crochet hooks are artistically spindle turned into various shapes on a lathe. The tip portion is made of horn. The smooth surface of the horn provides fantastic smoothness to crochet. An inlay eyes are infused with bone and horn. The hook tip is hand carved to bring standard size. Our crochet hooks come in sizes 5, through 10mm, and are 5 to 6 inches in length. Each crochet hooks are unique and and represents symbolic figurines of various creatures. We have frog, elephant, squirrel, owl, Fish, and more creatures are coming. We have many more designs coming soon. In additional to our own line of design, we also make custom, commemorative designs. If you have your favorite animal, that you like to make, please contact us. Please contact us. Order will be shipped within a 5days after confirmed order.

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